It was mid-1989. We came together as a small circle of committed neighbors who wanted to take on crime – and grime. Armed with true grit and good intentions, we targeted those spots in the neighborhood that everyone whispered about, but no one took steps toward fixing.

With weapons of hard-nosed determination and grassroots naiveté, we took on the problems of crime, gang activity, graffiti and litter. Before you knew it, we had a generous grant to combat graffiti, neighbors joined neighbors in cleanups and block watches, and a sense of neighborhood blossomed.

We published our first newsletter, a 2 page-single sheet effort, intended to let our neighbors know who we were and what we were doing. In no time, our little newsletter grew to 4 pages, then 6. Community businesses bought space to support our efforts. We continue to publish it today, because you want the local eye on community events.

We enter the 21st century fully intending to carry out those goals that we so carefully crafted more than 14 years ago. To do this, we have launched this web site. We invite you to visit us frequently and to read our special history found in the articles in our Newsletter Archive. It’s our Silver Lake story.

We invite you to check out our crime statistics, updated monthly, use our handy phone list of numbers to help you improve your quality of life, and send us comments, suggestions, and questions. You can even join our group via this web site.  Help to make this your web site as well.

The Silver Lake Improvement Association enthusiastically drives down the information highway to promote its goals:  “The creation and maintenance of a clean and safe environment, and the betterment of our youth.”

Write us @ P.O. Box 291274, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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